Get rid of oldschool, paperconsuming sidewalk signs and go digital with the DS One – the future of sidewalk signs!

Combined with The DS Company Cloud Content Management System (CMS) you control your sidewalk signs wherever you are, whenever you want.

With our battery and optional 4G mobile solutions we can match every situation to get you going digital in front of your store!

Your gains

  • No prints, no distribution, not wasting time changing posters anymore.
  • Increase stopping power and turn shoppers into buyers by interactive content.
  • Run more than 1 campaign. Manage content via the cloud from HQ.
  • Sell advertising space.
  • Intelligent data driven content possible.
  • Good for the environment.



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The DS Company is serving you with unique, state of the art Digital Sidewalk Sign solutions which we create, engineer in-house and produce ourselves.

Our products and services are intelligent and relevant and can contain a high grade of data-driven content.

Together with our partners across the world we make you succeed with our products and services.


Interested to represent our unique solutions and be among the first moving companies within Digital Sidewalk Signs?

As authorized partner of The DS Company, you will access a wealth of benefits, including product training,
marketing support, co-branding opportunities, and priority access to our innovative Digital Sidewalk Signs.

We are currently searching for value added partners all over the world. If you might be interested to
become our new partner, feel free to contact us and let’s discuss the opportunities together!


The DS Company is a fast-growing tech-company. We are continuously looking for new talents to join our family.

Do you have exceptional commercial or technical skills? Let us know why The DS Company can’t exist without you!

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European launch of DS ONE

What better place is there to highlight our unique concept than at EuroCIS? That’s exactly what we did with the European introduction of DS ONE – The Future of Sidewalk Signs.